Iowa State will wear decals on spring game helmets to honor former coach Curtis Bray (Photo)

During Saturday's spring game, every Iowa State player's helmet will have a decal honoring former defensive ends coach Curtis Bray.

Bray collapsed while working out in January and died at 43 years-old.

Before going into coaching, he played linebacker at Pitt. When he was at Pitt, Bray wore the No. 58. DE Cory Morrissey has worn No. 48 his whole career but after Bray died, he switched his number No. 58 to honor Bray. He also wants to have the No. 58 used as an honorary number for defensive ends in the future.

"I was kind of juggling the idea and then I talked to Coach (Paul) Rhoads and – I didn't know if I should do that or what Coach Bray would think, and (Rhoads) told me, assured me he would appreciate that and would want a player to do that for somebody else and that kind of reassured me," Morrissey told Cyclones TV.

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