Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads' son asked Fred Hoiberg's daughter to prom

The children of Paul Rhaods (L) and Fred Hoiberg (R) are going to prom together.

Paul Rhoads and Fred Hoiberg

The children of Paul Rhaods (L) and Fred Hoiberg (R) are going to prom together.

When you're the high-school aged son of a college football coach and you're friends with the daughter of the men's basketball coach, you're obligated to ask her to prom, right?

It's what Wyatt Rhoads, the son of Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads, did. However, his potential date, Paige Hoiberg, happens to be in New York City this week. Rhoads had to get creative.

Hoiberg is there because her dad is Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State's dancing coach. ISU plays Connecticut in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament on Friday night against at Madison Square Garden.

So to make the ask Rhoads, a junior at Gilbert High School in Gilbert, Iowa, went the song route. He posted a song to YouTube to the tune of "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White T's.

Rhoads tweeted Hoiberg the song Thursday night. And did she accept his offer? Of course, even as the lyrics scrolling on the screen got a little messed up.

Rhoads told the Des Moines Register the song was chosen because of the opening lyrics and because it was the first song that popped up on Pandora while looking for music on spring break. And he wrote his own lyrics, but he doesn't actually play the guitar.

He also said he and Hoiberg aren't dating but "close friends" and thought it'd be fun to go to prom with her.

Of course it would be. Whenever you get the chance in high school to imitate a teen movie, you go for it. We just have a small warning for Rhoads. He better sharpen up his dancing skills really quickly. From Fred Hoiberg's text to Paige after beating North Carolina on Sunday, she could have really high dancing standards. Don't embarrass yourself, kid.


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