Iowa quarterback James Vanderberg is the latest to pose with a dead bear (PHOTO)

Every offseason, college football usually rolls into theme — months of complaining about the BCS, months of arrests, months of trick shot videos — but this year, college football has turned a strange and camouflaged corner as pictures of football coaches and players and dead animals are starting to become an interesting and disturbing Twitter trend.

First, Washington State coach Mike Leach posted a photo of a black bear he shot in Canada and now a similar picture of Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg and his fresh kill has surfaced on the Internet.

As I've said before, animal lovers, look away.

The difference between this picture and Leach's picture is that Vandenberg appears to have taken down the behemoth animal with a bow and arrow instead of a rifle. Although I'm not a big proponent of hunting, I do appreciate the skill and accuracy it takes to shoot anything with a bow and arrow.

And let's be honest, accuracy wasn't exactly Vandenberg's strong suit last season (you had to know I'd go here). He completed just 58.6 percent of his passes, but he did have 25 touchdowns to just seven interceptions. So, there's that.

Unfortunately, the person who tweeted the photo, also taunted Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson with, "Your move, Denard."

Really? Do we really want to put a lethal weapon in Robinson's hand and have him hit a moving target? I think Robinson's accuracy — even with stationary targets — is well documented.

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