Instead of growing a mustache in November, you can have a fake one with your team’s logo on it

Now that we're a week into November, you've undoubtedly seen a man or two or 10 with a mustache or facial hair for "Movember" and prostate cancer awareness.

But have you seen anyone with a team logo mustache?

Enter StacheTATS, the "original temporary mustache tattoo." The company says its giving away one million fake mustaches for one million smiles this November, including before sporting events at Ohio State, Ole Miss, Baylor, LSU, Missouri and TCU.

Will we see mustache tattoos in lieu of the Baylor tarp tonight?

Co-owner Arthur Jaffe said that the death of his father to prostate cancer is one of the reasons the company came about. If you're at a game of one of the teams listed above, grab one for us. We've always wanted a fake mustache tattoo, especially in the alma mater's colors.

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