Indiana unveils six new helmets, causing one player to fall facedown on the floor

A couple weeks ago, Indiana started releasing ambiguous videos of former IU greats reacting to something that viewers weren't yet allowed to see, which left us all wondering what the hell they were looking at?

Well, wonder no more.

Indiana released its final video Monday and it shows six (yes, six) different helmets for the Hoosiers to sport this coming season.

And one of the helmets caused an Indiana player to fall facedown on the floor. It wasn’t quite an “Ohio’s getting all-black uniforms” reaction, but it was pretty good.

Here’s a breakdown of the new lids:

There’s a traditional helmet with the interlocking “IU” on the side — one with cream sides and a crimson stripe down the middle and one all crimson. There are two helmets with player numbers on the them — also, one crimson and one with cream sides and a crimson stripe down the middle.

Then Indiana started to go off the reservation a little bit.

It introduced and crimson and silver chrome striped helmet that was a hit with the players, but is sure to cause motion sickness for anyone else who sees it.

And the Hoosiers also introduced a helmet that had the emblem from the Indiana state flag. This is very Maryland of the Hoosiers. Gotta admit, I didn't know this initially. A reader (@OoseGooseND) clued me in. I bet I'm not alone. Most people are going to think this is some weird patriotic helmet. I hope the Hoosiers don't wear it often because it's kinda ugly.

So, four out of six ain’t bad, though we’re baffled as to why Indiana needs six different helmets this year? But hey, if it makes the players happy, so be it.

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