Indiana's response to a joke about the SEC's future schedule format was great

Indiana's response to a joke about the SEC's future schedule format was great

What major conference teams will SEC teams be targeting for scheduling starting in 2016?

After the SEC's announcement that each member of the conference must play a team from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 or Pac-12 starting in 2016, one of the first things many people wondered was what major-conference teams SEC teams would want to play. Because you can bet that all 14 teams in the conference aren't racing to schedule Oregon and Ohio State starting in two years.

Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde was one of those people who had the scheduling thought cross his mind.

Indiana saw the tweet and responded in-kind.

Since its last winning season in 2007, Indiana is 22-50.

The phone number is the general number for the Indiana athletic department, though we're assuming that if an SEC school wanted to schedule the Hoosiers, there's a more direct route to go.

Indiana already has an SEC team on the schedule in 2014. It's in the second season of a home-and-home series with Missouri.

The SEC added the major-conference component after staying at an eight-game conference schedule for the foreseeable future. The Big Ten is moving to a nine-game schedule and the Pac-12 and Big 12 already have one.

The SEC stayed at eight on the back of its own perceived strength. In the release announcing the schedule Sunday night, commissioner Mike Slive lauded the schedule strength of SEC teams. But with strength-of-schedule a major component of the College Football Playoff selection committee, our guess is that SEC teams with realistic title hopes won't be scheduling the worst teams from the aforementioned conferences.

Instead, we bet that most teams will try to schedule middle-tier and above major conference teams. That way, SEC teams won't feel like they are risking too much of a loss while also not sacrificing schedule strength in the eyes of the CFP committee. Plus, many SEC teams are already scheduling major conference teams anyway. The mandate may not change much at all.

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