Iman Marshall asks fans on Twitter to decide his final visit between Oklahoma and Texas

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Defensive Back MVP

Iman Marshall

This is an idea that sounds really good when you don't consider the possible drawbacks.

Iman Marshall, a five-star DB recruit according to Rivals, wants to take six official visits. However, NCAA regulations only permit five. Notre Dame, Florida State, LSU and Michigan are set and the fifth visit is between Oklahoma and Texas. So Marshall decided to enlist the help of fans on Twitter to decide his fifth visit.

We know how vicious fans can be on social media, so while Marshall may have good intentions, he's in a spot where he's opening himself up for a lot of trash talk, both towards himself and Texas and Oklahoma from the rival fanbases.

There's a slight chance that Marshall wants to find out what fans would turn heel against the other school the quickest and make his decision based on that but it seems like an unsound way of doing things. Judging a school by its fans on social media isn't exactly fair.

Our guess? Marshall is wanting to see how much of an impact he can make with the announcement and is fishing for mentions and attention. At least that's what we hope, anyway. Rabid fans who tweet recruits don't need tangible evidence that they can help sway the college decisions of a recruit in a positive manner.

Marshall is the No. 1 DB in the country according to Rivals and the No. 3 prospect in the class of 2015.

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