Houston introduces new Halloween uniforms for Thursday’s game (Photo)

Houston plays on Halloween this week and in honor of the occasion, the Cougars are going to be wearing new uniforms.

The new unis are black with red numbers, and the helmets are shiny red with “UH” in black on the side.

The uniforms look great, but it’s how members of Tony Levine’s team found out about the uniforms that’s entertaining.

Levine gathered his team together and said he wanted to address the rumor of a new uniform. He then has a couple staffers wheel out the sheet-covered dummy Hannibal Lector style. Then, he pulls the sheet off the mannequin for the big reveal and the whole thing goes crashing to the floor. The poor mannequin loses a hand in the process.

When the coaches finally get the dummy to its feet, he’s wearing a black and red uniform that looks like it’s straight out of the 80s. It’s kinda awesome.

Players have mixed reactions until Levine blows an air horn and a couple players come out wearing the real uniforms.

It’s quite the elaborate reveal, but not unexpected since Levine is a fan of pulling pranks.

As noted above, the uniforms are sharp and should look great when the Cougars face South Florida in their first Thursday night national telecast of the season.

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