Houston coach Tony Levine pulls a fast one on April Fools’ Day, once again

Let's make a pact to remember next year that Tony Levine loves April Fools' Day.

Did he get you last year? He put out a press release and had an interview in which he said all-conference running back Charles Sims was moving to cornerback. April Fools' prank, of course.

And even if you swore he wouldn't trick you this year, you might have forgot it was April 1 when Houston announced that it was changing its logo from the trademark UH and adding an O to the mix.

Here was the new look that Houston announced:

And man, it sounded like it could be real, given the school release and all, but then there was this fishy quote in the release:

“I’ve always thought that the word ‘of’ did not get the respect it deserved,” Levine said. “When you look at the way we speak and form acronyms - for example, the United States of America being U.S.A. - ‘of’ always gets excluded. And as I’m sure most people have, I’ve often times wondered why ‘of’ is spelled o-f and not u-v.”

Yep, April Fools' Day prank.

So next year, don't be fooled when Levine announces something. Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us; fool us three times ... well it's just not gonna happen. Right?

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