Hokie Stone helmets? What are you thinking, Virginia Tech? (Photo)

Dr. Saturday

We get that having flashy helmets is the thing in college football, but someone please tell Virginia Tech that their "Hokie Stone" helmet concept should be kept as that.

The conceptual design features the traditional VT maroon facemask, and that's about it. The helmet looks like it's made of limestone. (OK, so a rock helmet isn't flashy.) It literally looks like Tech players would be wearing a pile of bricks atop their heads.

Hokie Stone is the facade for the buildings on the Virginia Tech campus, and according to this informational PDF, the university quarry produces 50 tons of Hokie Stone a week. It's an integral part of Virginia Tech's history, but that doesn't mean it should be replicated on a helmet.

You know what wouldn't look too bad? White uniforms with Hokie Stone numbers. As long as it passed the NCAA's contrasting colors rule, it could be a good look, and certainly better than the digitized camo the team is breaking out this season.

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