Brandon Harris' high school coach wanted him to leave LSU

According to David Feaster, the high school coach of LSU QB Brandon Harris, the quarterback is committed to LSU. However, Feaster wanted him to transfer after a less-than-stellar 2014.

In an interview on the Tim Fletcher Show, he said he told Harris he needed to go the junior college route with a transfer.

(You can listen to the audio at the 17-minute mark)

"I’m eating dinner with Brandon tonight, hadn’t talked to him in a couple of weeks," Feaster said. "The last time I talked with him I was trying to talk him into transferring. Please get out of there. I wanted him to go to junior college. You go to junior college and because he’s a qualifier, you can just be there for one year. You can leave at midterm, start the recruiting process all over again at the midterm of next year and you can be gone and at a better place and all that. And I couldn’t talk him into it, he said ‘I’m all about LSU.’"

“I couldn’t talk him into it. Brandon is really enjoying LSU and he’s all in for it and he’s just going to try to compete and maybe they’ll get a different set of criteria this year on how they choose their quarterback and maybe he’ll get a shot.”

Harris played sparingly early for LSU and got to start against Auburn. That start didn't go well, as he completed 3-14 passes in a 41-7 loss to the Tigers. As Anthony Jennings took over as the quarterback the rest of the way, Harris' playing time was even more limited. He didn't play in LSU's final three games of the year.

He finished 25-45 passing for 452 yards, six touchdowns and two interceptions. Harris, who was a freshman in 2014, should get every opportunity to start again in 2015. But given LSU's quarterback play last season, that's not much of an endorsement. If LSU is to jump back into the top two in the West next season, either Harris or Jennings or whoever ends up as the Tigers' QB will have to be markedly improved.

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