Hidden Video: Here’s Pacific with your alert D-III blocked PAT return of the week

Saturday was full of crazy plays, as always, but few topped the blocked PAT-to-two-point conversion during a Division III game between Lewis & Clark and Pacific University.

Lewis & Clark scored the first touchdown of the game, but Pacific's Devin Lagorio blocked the extra point and the play was over.

Or was it?

The ball was still in play and while most of the players trotted to their respective sidelines, Pacific defensive back Bryan Mills picked up the ball and started running it back to Lewis & Clark's end zone. By the time Lewis & Clark players realized the play wasn't over, Mills had a head of steam and was streaking down the right sideline for a 100-yard defensive two-point conversion.

Lewis & Clark went on to win the game easily, 61-35, but at least Pacific had this play to hang its hat on. And Mills should get a hearty pat on the back for continuing to play because he never heard a whistle. The play was so entertaining it's a shame it was only worth two points.

And, as a side note, the play-by-play call from Matt Richter is pretty good, too.

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