Hey, Bill Belichick’s son is now playing for Rutgers

To look at him, Stephen Belichick is just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, undersized walk-on trying to find his niche among the behemoths on scholarship at Rutgers — except that, well, his last name is Belichick, which tends to stand out on any roster. Yes, young Stephen is the spawn of Bill Belichick, noted curmudgeon and architect of the New England Patriot dynasty that made him one of only five coaches in NFL history with three Super Bowl rings to his name.

Like his father, who played football and lacrosse at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Stephen started out on the Scarlet Knights lacrosse team, appearing in 34 games over the last four years. With one semester of eligibility remaining, he migrated to the football team this summer to try his hand as a long snapper, one of the several positions he once handled (along with tight end, fullback and linebacker) as MVP of his high school team in Weston, Mass. Alas, at 5-foot-11, 185 pounds, even getting the chance to wing a few snaps for the extra point team in an actual Division I game would be a Rudy-esque achievement, minus all the bogus context.

But it's not a lark: According to coach Greg Schiano, the younger Belichick may also have some aspirations to become a coach himself, where his size presumably will not be an issue. As you can see, he's already got the surly, Emperor Palpatine look down under that hood. Drop a Hall of Fame quarterback in his lap in the sixth round of the draft, and the kid's ready to go.

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