Here's to you, trespassing Rose Bowl luchador

By halftime, a grim cloud had descended over the BCS championship game, a would-be blockbuster deflated by the untimely exit of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy on the Longhorns' first possession of the game. Once Alabama had ripped off 24 straight points, including an unlikely interception return off overmatched freshman Garrett Gilbert to close the first half, another Crimson Tide title was all but in the books before Texas had ever really had a fighting chance. I suspect even a few 'Bama fans felt a little dirty about the proceedings with McCoy on ice. (Only a few. But even bloodthirsty Tiders can feel empathy.)

The only thing that could momentarily bring the Rose Bowl out of its doldrums? Only a huge, flabby man in a gold lamé luchador outfit advertising a Web site and tights running onto the field, doing a a little dance and executing an awkward cartwheel or two before being chased down and removed by security.

On television, the cameras panned wide to avoid the scene, and play-by-play man Brent Musburger wrote off the flamboyant invader as "an idiot." Maybe. But for a few seconds of comic relief in a game that looked like it was heading down the tubes, Gold Lamé Luchador will live on as one of the heroes of the night, until at least, like, 3 or 4 a.m.

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