Heisman on the run: ’05 trophy back with Bush’s parents

In what has been one of the more ridiculous stories covered this summer, Reggie Bush's Heisman has found its way home.

No, not the Heisman Trophy Trust, but rather the home of Bush's parents Lamar and Denise Griffin, who took the trophy back from the San Diego Hall of Champions on Friday. But what they're planning to do with the trophy remains yet another mystery.

According to "The Dan Patrick Show," the family has said nothing publicly about returning the trophy even though the Heisman Trophy Trust put in a request to the San Diego Hall of Champions last week to have the trophy sent back to its offices in New York.

All of this started back in June when it was discovered that Bush had not returned his Heisman to the Heisman Trophy Trust last September, despite issuing a statement saying he would. Bush was stripped of the trophy after it was determined he had taken illegal benefits.

Many assumed the Heisman was missing after a San Diego Hall of Champions denied knowing where the trophy was. A couple days later, the San Diego Hall of Champions amazingly found the trophy and put it back on display.

By July 1, no one wanted the trophy. The Bush family, who had loaned it to the San Diego Hall of Champions, seemingly abandoned it there and the Hall of Champions had been storing it in the basement waiting for someone to pick it up. Bush didn't seem to care about its whereabouts and neither did the Trophy Trust until the media piqued its interest.

Now, for all we know, the Heisman could be wrapped in a blanket in the backseat of a car crossing state lines or buried in the Griffin's backyard.

And still we are left wondering what will become of the hunk of bronze that just can't find a home.

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