Headlinin’: Sam Bradford gets his Heisman statue, too

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A statue grows for Sam. Just about everyone is falling over themselves lately to encase their Heisman heroes in bronze as quickly as possible — these days, you can never be sure how long the actual trophy is going to be around — but Oklahoma had the nation's first "Heisman Park" back in 2007, and unveiled its newest resident on Saturday: 2008 winner Sam Bradford, leader of the highest-scoring offense in NCAA history, whose stoic, farsighted gaze will join idols to former Sooners Billy Vessels, Steve Owens, Billy Sims and Jason White in the Heisman Park this fall. It's just a shame that they had to change the original design. [The Oklahoman]

The Rap Sheet. There will be no statues for Oregon State defensive lineman Castro Masaniai, who was booked Saturday on charges of second-degree kidnapping, coercion, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal mischief after an "incident" at a Corvallis McDonald's. Details weren't immediately available, but the kidnapping charge reportedly resulted from Masaniai — a 6-foot-2, 340-pound behemoth expected to replace All-American Stephen Paea on the Beaver line this year — attempting to pull his girlfriend from the restaurant. [Benton County Jail, Corvallis Gazette Times]

In other legal news, Ole Miss has slapped linebacker Clarence Jackson and defensive end Delvin Jones with indefinite suspensions after both were arrested for public drunkenness early last Friday morning. Jackson — a possible starter this fall following a spring knee injury to D.T. Shackelford — was previously charged last September with possessing a flat-screen television, TV stand and DVD/CD player that belonged to the university math department and will likely be "removed from the team" as a repeat offender, according to coach Houston Nutt. "We've had a really good January, February, March, April, this May," Nutt said. "We've got two selfish guys that just make a wrong terrible decision that embarrasses the 98 percent that do it right, that's what makes you so mad. These guys have been talked to repeatedly. That's what bothers me." [Clarion-Ledger] {YSP:MORE}

Eh, good enough. Cal has named Buffalo transfer Zach Maynard its starting quarterback over uninspiring senior Brock Mansion, a bit of an upset for a guy who a) Was only a mediocre passer by MAC standards as a full-time starter for Buffalo in 2009, and b) Likely only received an offer from Cal in the first place in a (successful) effort to sign his hyped half-brother, Keenan Allen, who'll be the top target this fall as a sophomore. At any rate, the family connection certainly didn't hurt Maynard's chances of winning the job, and — outgoing starter Kevin Riley notwithstanding — Jeff Tedford's track record of developing first-rate college quarterbacks remains second to none. [Associated Press]

Sounds like you're living in the past. Contemporize, man. New Pittsburgh coach Todd Graham said last Friday that he's interested in renewing Pitt's instate rivalry with Penn State, a series that's been on hold for more than a decade after 95 meetings between 1896 and 2000. (The only breaks in the series between 1900 and 2000 came in two brief hiatuses, from 1932-34 and 1993-96.) "I can remember watching that game growing up and the tremendous tradition that that game was, and we would actually love to play that game in the future," Graham said. "It would be something that we'd be very much in favor of." Assuming Pitt isn't willing to make annual treks to Happy Valley, it would also require Penn State to give up a home game against a Temple or Youngstown State every other year for a dangerous but decidedly non-blockbuster road trip that would do little for the Nittany Lions' poll standing or bank account, which they've consistently demonstrated they're not in favor of by keeping the rivalry on ice. [Pittsburgh Tribune]

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