Hate emails to Jimbo Fisher end up in the inbox of an academic coordinator with a similar email address

Florida State's non-national championship season hasn't endeared fans to coach Jimbo Fisher and they've let him know by sending him a barrage of emails.

Only, those emails aren't hitting the coach's inbox, they're hitting the political science department on the Florida State campus.

Jeremiah "Jerry" Fisher, the academic coordinator for the political science department at FSU, has the unfortunate luck of having a university email address that begins with "jfisher." In fact, Fisher doesn't even have an email address listed on the school's athletic site, so people just assume that's what it is. And even if you're lucky enough to figure out Jimbo Fisher's real email address, the emails are usually scanned by Fisher's secretary before reaching his desk.

Jerry Fisher doesn't have such a filter.

So throughout the week, especially on game days, Jerry Fisher's inbox is stocked with colorful emails from fans just trying to have their voices heard. He also gets some of Jimbo Fisher's personal email.

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"It happens frequently, but the ones that come in during a game, there are sometimes a lot of grammatical errors and misspellings," Jerry Fisher told the Associated Press. "There's some high-end crazy stuff. It makes me think it's liquid courage [doing the talking]."

Jerry Fisher told the AP that he usually answers all of the emails, tells the sender they have the wrong address and gives them Jimbo Fisher's correct address.

Even though they share emails, Jerry Fisher and Jimbo Fisher have only met once — during a fan event a couple years ago. Perhaps Jimbo Fisher should befriend Jerry Fisher; he is, after all, reading his mail.

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