Guardian thinks Terrelle Pryor will stay at Ohio State

Terrelle Pryor isn't quitting Ohio State, his guardian wants to make that clear.

Willie Burns, Pryor's godfather and the legal guardian he lived with while in high school, said Pryor has no intention of applying for the NFL supplemental draft despite his senior season being abbreviated because of an NCAA suspension. Pryor is also the subject of an NCAA and Ohio State investigation regarding his various automobiles and other benefits he may have received. If either party finds him guilty of more infractions, he could miss more games or lose the season altogether.

But Burns said his godson isn't worried about all that right now.

"I think he will stay in school," Burns said. "He likes football. Only time will tell. He could change his mind in a minute.

"But he if he does leave, somebody done pressured his butt -- bad."

Burns said he had spoken to Pryor in the past couple days and that he's dealing with the NCAA investigators hanging around Columbus and media reports coming out nearly every day about his cars and his suspended license, which has now been reinstated. But Burns said he tries to not pressure Pryor into talking about that stuff.

"I asked him how he was doing and how is he coming along," said Burns, 63. "He says he's just trying to get all this out of his head and get on with his business. I don't like to bring up the sports to him. He's got enough people asking him questions. If he wants to talk about it, then I'm open-hearted to him."

But Burns also didn't think all the blame should be placed on Pryor even though he's become the central figure since coach Jim Tressel resigned on Monday. But again, he tries not to bother his godson with those questions and tries to be a respite from the attention.

"I hate to see Tressel go. He's a good man and a good coach," he said. "The way I heard it, this has been going on for a while at Ohio State with this tattoo guy.

"It's just bad that Terrelle went over there and got involved. I know he likes tattoos and all this. I don't know what's all behind it. We haven't talked about any of that."

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