Grass seed is the first match when you search ‘Les Miles’ at Home Depot’s website

Home Depot, we appreciate your sense of humor.

LSU coach Les Miles has a ritual of eating grass, one that took off in 2010 in a game against Alabama when cameras caught him sneaking a pinch of fescue in his mouth in the fourth quarter aginst Alabama.

And so if you search "Les Miles" on the store's site, the first result before any LSU branded items? Grass seed, of course. Very well played.

The home-improvement store is an official sponsor of ESPN's "College Gameday" (as you can see in the video above), so it's intimately aware of college football's wackiness. So what happens when you search other famous college coaches?

Well, nothing comes up for "Lane Kiffin," which is probably appropriate at the moment. "Nick Saban" gets you an Alabama cooler as the first result, likely because Home Depot doesn't sell oatmeal creme pies. And when you search "Mack Brown" you get a light dimmer switch. We don't even need to explain that joke to you, do we?

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(H/T Reddit)
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