There might just be an Alabama baby named after Nick Saban, which sounds about right

Jay Busbee

Alabama fans, you're the best.

Outkick the Coverage found the photo at right on Monday just before the National Championship game. "If Bama wins tonight," the scrawl reads, "I'm naming this baby SABAN."

Well, as you know, Alabama won and won handily. So will this mom-to-be actually name her child "Saban"? That'd be flat-out awesome, no matter whether the kid is male or female. (There's also the possibility that this is a Photoshop, but we're hoping it's not.)

There's just one problem: OKTC hasn't identified the lady in question. We need to know if she's going to carry through on her vow. We don't see why she wouldn't; a kid named "Saban" in Alabama will, in theory, be able to write his/her own ticket in life. If you know this woman, or if you ARE this woman, please let us know. Especially if you can give us a copy of little Saban's birth certificate.

This isn't unprecedented; there are probably half a million little Peytons in Tennessee coming up on driving age, for instance. But "Peyton" and "Eli" are cheery college football names. The prospect of an army of little Sabans? That chills the blood.