Girlfriend of suspect in Stoops burglary attempts worst prison break ever

The story around the robbery of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops’ house has somehow gotten weirder, as the girlfriend of one of the suspects attempted a prison break last week.

According to a report from Jake Trotter at, Paige Maurey, 21, tried to bust the juvenile suspect in the Stoops burglary out of a detention center. Let’s try to figure out their plan together:

According to the affidavit, the juvenile called Maurey on July 2 from the Alan J. Couch detention center and asked her to help him escape. Maurey, three other male juveniles and one female then got a hedge trimmer and drove together to the detention center. Maurey gave the male juveniles bandanas to conceal their identities, then left to go get gas with the female juvenile, the affidavit said.

While Maurey was away, a detention center employee saw someone peeking around the corner of a building inside the fence. Once seen, that subject hopped the fence and ran off, leaving behind the hedge cutters, which the employee found.

Okay. Here is the street view of the detention center where the attempted breakout happened, but I’m assuming our suspects attempted to infiltrate from the rear of the building, seen here. I do not see a large amount of shrubbery, at least anything that would obviously get in the way of an attempted breakout, so were the suspects perhaps trying to use the tool to cut the fence? But if they were able to hop the fence, what were the trimmers for? An interior fence, perhaps? To attempt to break off a lock? Did they mistake hedge trimmers for bolt cutters at the store? Also, guy who was supposed to not lose the hedge trimmers: You had one job.

I’m also confused about the process by which they had time to get a hedge trimmer on their way to the attempted breakout but didn’t have time to get gas. “Should we keep the getaway car nearby in case something goes wrong?” “No, we’ve got these bandanas, they’ll protect us. You go fuel up.” “Okay, great plan.”

I am also very curious about how quickly this came together. I would love if the suspect called Maurey and she immediately put a team together and went to break him out with zero thought beyond "We have bandanas, now we just need hedge trimmers." Did the suspect suggest a plan or coordinate with her, or did he literally just say “Hey, can you help me break out of prison?” and she complied?

Maurey and all four juveniles were arrested for their trouble. Maurey, a regular Michael Scofield, was charged with a felony count of assisting a prisoner to escape. The juvenile suspect and Corey McCarty, 21, were charged with first-degree burglary last month for breaking into the home of the Sooners coach in Norman.

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