Texas Tech welcomes a giant dust storm to Jones AT&T Stadium

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach once said his favorite weather pattern was when it rained mud and Lubbock, Texas appears to be halfway there.

Thanks to a photo tweeted by Tech associate director/athletics communications for football Scott Lacefield, in which he explicitly says it has not been Photoshopped, we've been treated to the rare site of a dust storm hovering over Lubbock and the Texas Tech campus.

And it's pretty awesome.

"My favorite weather pattern happens to be when it rains mud," Leach said while doing a weather broadcast for the local news in 2006. "The dust comes through, rain on top of it, it rains mud. Now I know that people who have been here for a while don't like that particular phenomenon as well as I do, but think about it, how many times in your life are you actually going to see it rain mud?

"I love it. I go out there. I look at it; I watch it. Worst thing about it is you have to wash your car. Who cares? It's worth seeing. Trust me."

Unfortunately, no rain in the forecast like the ridiculous storm that soaked Jones Field in 2008, but still a pretty awesome sight created by high wind and the dry, desolate earth of West Texas.

If you're a pessimist, this might not be a great sign for the Red Raiders' game at Oklahoma this weekend. Just keep an eye out for locust.

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