Georgia WR Chris Conley is making a movie tribute to Star Wars and he got Mark Richt to show up (Photo)

When you're making a movie that involves Star Wars, you're obligated to have your football coach take a picture with people dressed up as stormtroopers.

Georgia WR Chris Conley is a huge Star Wars fan. So much so that he's gone to a Georgia basketball game in costume and he's making a Star Wars tribute movie. He was filming the movie over the weekend and Georgia coach Mark Richt showed up to take a picture with the cast.

Richt as Emporer Palpatine, anyone?

Conley put out the request for people to be in the movie in November, so it's been in the works for a long time and he enlisted the help of the football team's videographer to film it.

“My brother and I got into the games and into the some of the Star Wars history outside of the movies and I’ve just been a fan of it ever since,” Conley told Dog Bytes. “I’ve been a big guy who prides myself on remaining who I am regardless of who I’m around or how old I get. It’s something that I like and regardless of what people tell me, if it’s frowned upon or not. It’s me.”

If we're going to make an SEC-themed Star Wars movie, do we even need to suggest anyone other than Alabama coach Nick Saban as Darth Vader? And on second thought, we're not sure if Richt is insidious enough to be Palpatine. The role of Luke Skywalker probably depends on your SEC team allegiance as well, though we bet that Vader role isn't changing unless you're a Tide fan.

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