Georgia win ends in a coach-on-coach confrontation

Saturday's down-to-the-wire finish between Vanderbilt and Georgia ended in a war of words between Vandy coach James Franklin and Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. While neither coach discussed what was said after the game, it was clear that both were upset about the events of the 33-28 Georgia victory.

"We just had a tough, emotional game and some things were said that I didn't think were appropriate," Franklin said. "I went to find (Georgia head) coach (Mark) Richt and didn't find him, so I found one of his assistant coaches and it didn't go well. We're not going to sit back and take it from anyone."

Vanderbilt tight end Austin Monahan actually stepped in between the two coaches as Grantham continued to jaw while walking away. However, the emotion of the two coaches incited the players, who started jawing as well. Georgia coach Mark Richt and several other Georgia coaches tried to separate the group and usher their players back to the locker room.

So what started this scuffle? Well, that's the interesting part since no one would definitively say and Grantham recited a company line to anyone who asked.

"Everybody's competitive," Grantham said. "I love my players. I like the way they compete. I love the passion they play with, and I support my players."

While the two coaches were engaged, Georgia safety Bacarri Rambo was on the ground writhing in pain. Again, no telling whether this was the last straw in a game that got a little feisty in the second half. Georgia nose tackle Kwame Geathers actually threw a punch at a Vanderbilt player that resulted in offsetting penalties in the third quarter.{YSP:MORE}

Richt said he didn't see how the postgame fracas started but that he was disappointed in what happened.

"I hate the fact that at the end of the game we can't shake hands and get off the field like gentlemen," Richt said. "We are grown men and we all need to act that way. But we're also competitors."

This isn't the first time Grantham's emotions have gotten the better of him. Last year, Grantham was caught doing the choke sign and yelling "You're gonna [bleepin'] choke," to Florida's kicker Chas Henry prior to the Gators kicking a field goal.

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