Georgia Tech QB unveils new honeycomb helmets and then takes it back

Georgia Tech could be rocking new honeycomb helmets during its Saturday season opener against Virginia Tech.

I say, "could be" because backup quarterback Synjyn Days tweeted: "New Helmets...Lets Get It 9/3." and then quickly deleted it.

Perhaps it's because the helmets were a joke. Perhaps it's because he wasn't supposed to say anything. Regardless, once something appears on the Internet it's there forever, which is why his tweet and the pictures of the helmets were screenshot by @The HiveGT so the world would never forget what it saw.

Personally, I like these helmets. I think they look pretty cool. So, even if the surprise was spoiled, it's a good surprise. After a summer of a lot of failed new uniform concepts, this one is actually worthwhile.

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