Georgia Tech punter runs for first down on fake, gets bodyslammed (GIFs)

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Fake punts often make for some exciting theater on a football field. It can either go very well – like Arkansas’ touchdown against Texas A&M last week – or it can go horribly, horribly wrong and result in a big loss with the punter getting leveled. A fake punt ran by Georgia Tech on Saturday night, however, fell somewhere in between.

Facing a fourth-and-5 from its own 34-yard line against Miami, punter Ryan Rodwell received the snap and began running up the field behind a crowd of blockers. Impressively, he maneuvered around a few Miami players and picked up the first down. After getting past a second tackler, Rodwell was then picked up and slammed to the ground WWE-style by Miami defense back Hugo Delapenha Jr.

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This one deserves a closer look.

Despite the big hit, Rodwell quickly shook it off and made his way over to the sideline to celebrate. Unfortunately, the Yellow Jackets were not able to capitalize on the successful fake, and Rodwell was called on the field again seven plays later. This time, Rodwell punted the ball away to Miami.

Georgia Tech went on to win 28-17 to improve to 5-0.

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