Georgia State tries to attract fans the old fashioned way, by dropping $10,000 on them

Georgia State is building up its football program with coach Bill Curry, and needs to get fans out to the stadium to help attendance.

There's no better way to get fans to come watch than giving them cold, hard cash. So Georgia State, which debuted its football program in 2010, will drop $10,000 in vouchers onto the field at halftime of today's game against New Hampshire.

Letting students fight it out over $10,000 in vouchers ... what could go wrong?

The school says that up to 400 Georgia State students will be on the field grabbing as many envelopes, which will contain money vouchers of various denominations that can be redeemed at Georgia's Own Credit Union, as they can. The envelopes will be dropped from the rafters to the field.

This isn't the first time a promotion like this has been tried. Dinamo Zagreb soccer players in the Champions League offered one million kunas (or about $174,000) to fans if they sold out a game. We're pretty sure there was a scene in Bull Durham in which fans were grabbing money flying around on the field. So it might not be totally original, but it is a creative way to boost attendance.

Maybe Kentucky should try it.

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