Georgia State’s cash drop captured on video, is as frantic as you imagined (VIDEO)

There was no way Georgia State's cash drop wasn't going to provide an entertaining video. When you drop $10,000 worth of vouchers on a group of up to 400 college students, that is a perfect scenario for comedy.

And there was plenty to be had throughout the 2:25 clip posted on YouTube.

There are a few nice tackles (one particularly good collision happens on the bottom right of the screen at 36 seconds, and there's another takedown on the bottom left of the screen at 43 seconds) and fans diving and sliding around the Georgia Dome turf to grab the envelopes with the vouchers inside.

To be honest, it does look a lot more civil than we expected. There didn't seem to be any fistfights or outright anarchy. We remember being in college, and the thought of grabbing enough beer money for the week would be enough to turn us into George Costanza fleeing a fire.

The promotion was done to boost attendance (and take a look at the crowd left in the stands - Georgia State needs a ton of help in that area) and since it appeared to go pretty well, perhaps other schools will try it too. Have your video cameras ready.

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