Georgia man’s obituary includes his unappeased desire of Paul Johnson’s dismissal at Georgia Tech

Robley Henson Tatum did not get to see his last want fulfilled.

No, it didn't include scaling Mt. Everest or traveling to every continent. Nor was it a goal that involved his family. It was about Georgia Tech football. The 91-year-old, nicknamed "Daddy Scum," was an avid sports fan and military veteran. His final wish was to see Georgia Tech fire coach Paul Johnson. Seriously.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

He loved his family, his neighbors, Georgia Tech, the Atlanta Braves, bowling (he was a great bowler), the Atlanta Journal/Constitution (where his dad had worked), Waffle House, Hickory House and the Picadilly Cafeteria, and Little Debbie. He didn't get his final wish for Tech, which to see Paul Johnson get fired, but hey, there's still time.

Yes, as the obituary notes, there is still time. The Yellow Jackets capped a 7-6 season with a loss to Ole Miss in the Music City Bowl on Dec. 30. Since winning the ACC in 2009, Johnson has gone 28-25 in the past four seasons.

This is the best sports-related obituary since a Cleveland Browns fan requested Browns players as pall bearers "so the Browns could let him down one last time." Or the Kansas City Chiefs fan whose obituary mentioned "heartbreaking disappointment" about the Chiefs in 2012. (We can only imagine how he would have reacted after the playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts.)

Days after the Music City Bowl, Johnson denied reports that he was looking to leave Georgia Tech and was hoping to be bought out of his contract. But because Georgia Tech hasn't had a double-digit winning season since that 2009 Orange Bowl appearance, the pressure is indeed on Johnson to improve. Improvement that didn't come fast enough for Tatum's liking.

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