Georgia’s fake punt helps it to early lead, Alabama answers late in first half

Dr. Saturday

Even without Les Miles involved, the first half of the SEC Championship Game was highlighted by a couple of clever fakes.

The problem for Alabama was its great punt fake came after a delay of game penalty.

Alabama had a fourth down deep in Georgia territory, and snapped to up-back Vinnie Sunseri, who would have had the first down easily on a run up the middle. But the play clock had run out, Alabama was given a delay of game penalty, and the Crimson Tide punted.

Georgia got its fake punt right.

On a fourth and 10, the snap went to up-back Arthur Lynch, who threw to Sanders Commings for the first down. Lynch's pass was pretty shaky, but by the time Alabama figured out the formation and that Georgia was running a fake, it was too late. The Bulldogs scored later on that drive to take a 7-0 lead.

Alabama overcame plenty of mistakes in the first half to take a 10-7 lead into halftime. The delay of game on the fake punt was inexcusable. A.J. McCarron threw a terrible interception to Commings on a third and goal, and at the end of the first half, Alabama wasted about 14 seconds by not calling a time out and instead of having a couple shots at the end zone, the Crimson Tide kicked a field goal on the final play of the half and went into halftime with two unused timeouts. Despite all of that, a long touchdown run by Eddie Lacy and that late field goal gave Alabama the halftime lead.

Georgia is still in the game at halftime, but it can't count on Alabama being sloppy again in the second half.

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