FSU coach Jimbo Fisher cuts media interview short after his reputation is questioned

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher cut an interview session short on Monday after reporters starting asking about the off-field issues surrounding quarterback Jameis Winston.

Fisher, whose team is on a bye week, was speaking at the Birmingham Monday Morning Quarterback Club near Winston’s hometown. He was asked whether there was any news regarding the student code of conduct hearing and replied: "We're moving on with Louisville and talking about the other things. Everything should be great."

However, the questions didn’t stop there.

Another reporter noted that Fisher’s reputation had taken a hit and Fisher asked him to stop asking the question.

“I’m done,” Fisher said. “I’m done.”

Fisher then asked the reporter if he was going to put the interview on air and the reporter said he wasn’t, which caused Fisher to give one final answer.

"Why is my reputation taking a hit? For backing a kid who has done nothing wrong?" Fisher said. "I don't want to get into this. The questions weren't supposed to be asked today. I'm done. I'm done."

According to Jon Solomon of CBSSports.com, the Birmingham Monday Morning Quarterback Club told Fisher that there would be no questions about Winston’s off-field issues. Media members were never given those instructions.

To this point, Fisher has answered almost every Winston question that has come his way and he’s been a staunch defender of his Heisman-winning quarterback. But if he was told he was finally going to get a respite from those questions, it’s understandable that he’d be angry.

However, as long as Winston is on the Florida State roster, Fisher has to know those questions aren’t going to disappear.

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