FRIDAY SHOWDOWN: Who’s the better burger eater? AJ McCarron or Katherine Webb?

Dr. Saturday

The outtakes from AJ McCarron's photoshoot with Sports Illustrated were released on Friday, and yes, he's eating a burger.

While we're sure that it had something to do with girlfriend Katherine Webb's Hardee's commercial, the congruency gives us a chance to ask a now extremely important question: who eats the burger better?

Here's Webb:

Unfortunately, she may have a built in advantage over McCarron because this is a video. In the interest of fairness, here are multiple pictures of McCarron eating a cheeseburger.

McCarron is really going after the cheeseburger with that gunslinger mentality that SI mentions in the article. That's a strong, if not slightly messy, way to eat a burger. There's way too much ketchup being applied here. Look where you're squeezing, AJ. Didn't Nick Saban teach you anything?

Webb is being, uh, nice with it, and while that may lead to savoring more of the burger's flavor, it also looks like it could be messy.

This is tough. What do you think?

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