Frank Solich agrees to interview at Indians game, gets called ‘Tom Solich’

Calling a guy by the wrong name happens to everyone, even to those on live television.

So when Fox Sports cut to its roving reporter Katie Witham at the Indians-A's Thursday matinee game to interview Ohio coach Frank Solich in the stands, well, she got Solich's name wrong. She handled the rest of the interview great, so no big deal.

But of all the names to give Solich ...

"We've got head football coach Tom Solich here with us," Witham said. "I just called you Tom, and your name is Frank, I apologize. I don't know where that came from."

Nothing wrong with the name Tom either, unless your entire coaching career is pretty much known for replacing Tom Osborne at Nebraska. At some point Frank Solich must feel about hearing the name Tom like Jan Brady felt hearing about Marcia:

Solich, who has built a nice program at Ohio, had a 58-19 record at Nebraska. And that's tremendous, but it's not what Osborne did. Solich had the misfortune of being a very good coach and having a very good record right after a great coach had a great record over decades. His name will always be associated with the guy who he replaced with the Cornhuskers.

Tom, Tom, Tom!

To his credit, Solich – who was at the Indians game to throw the first pitch, and one-hopped it to the plate – laughed and played off what was a very innocent mistake that all of us have made many times.

"No problem, I've been called a lot of things, so that's all right," Solich said.

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