Former USC running back provides his way-too-honest opinion of Matt Barkley

Quiet everyone, former USC running back Marc Tyler has some words of wisdom for everyone watching the USC-Oregon game.

Wait, what?

That was Tyler's way-too-honest and wildly uninformed tweet that made him public enemy No. 1 for USC fans and fans of football in general.

In all fairness (hey, I'm trying to be nice here), Tyler's tweet came with Oregon up 14-3 during the first quarter and before Barkley found his groove. Barkley finished the 62-51 loss completing 35 of 54 passes for 484 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions. All that against an Oregon defense that's hardly gotten its jerseys dirty most of this season.

But Tyler, who got in a lot of trouble at USC for saying what was on his mind, stood by his tweet and rattled off a few more:

"Get mad if u want i just speak the truth," he wrote.

"I love usc and matt but we should be kicking ass!!!!!"

"You guys are mad at me im a ride or die usc fan ill fight over this shit i love usc so shutup and #fighton," he concluded his Twitter tiff with fans.

Tyler was suspended for the 2011 season opener for comments he made to the gossip show TMZ in response to a question about whether USC athletes were paid more than the pros.

"USC," Tyler said. "They breaking bread."

So it's not a huge surprise that Tyler, who is an undrafted free agent with the Green Bay Packers, would make another foot-in-mouth comment when it comes to his former university.

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