Former USC receiver Mike Williams blasts Marc Tyler on Twitter

Former USC receiver Mike Williams is a little late to the Marc Tyler "What the heck were you thinking?" party, but that didn't stop him from giving his two cents on Tyler's interview with tabloid TMZ that landed the Trojans running back at least a one-game suspension.

Williams took to Twitter Thursday afternoon and dished out a five-tweet rant calling out his fellow Trojan and praising Lane Kiffin's education in media relations.

Williams went on to say that he was "only goin off on the kid bc I kno coach Kiffin and the staff have hit home on how to handle the media w/ the team..."

Williams didn't exactly make some of the best choices during his time at USC, including the choice to hire an agent after his sophomore season (though at the time, what he did was probably the right move), but he was never a troublemaker. He was a star, like Tyler claims to be, only Williams acted like it. Williams wasn't that guy who was making headlines by doing the wrong things off the field.

Tyler, on the other hand, the Trojans' leading rusher a year ago with 913 yards and nine touchdowns, has become known more for his off-the-field improprieties than anything he's ever done on the field.

During his rant to TMZ, Tyler called USC "RB-U." If that's true, USC should have no trouble replacing him on the field.

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