Former UCLA LB Jordan Zumwalt says Bruin QB Brett Hundley is a 'square'

Former UCLA LB Jordan Zumwalt says Bruin QB Brett Hundley is a 'square'
Former UCLA LB Jordan Zumwalt says Bruin QB Brett Hundley is a 'square'

If you're not a UCLA or Pac-12 fan, you probably remember Bruin LB Jordan Zumwalt for the hit was flagged for on Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas that knocked Thomas out of the Sun Bowl.

But Zumwalt's career has been more than that. He started 30 games in his four-year career, including all 13 games last year. He's projected as a mid-round pick in the 2014 NFL draft and as the draft approaches, Zumwalt talked to Shutdown Corner's own Eric Edholm at length.

At one point, Zumwalt was asked about his own team's quarterback, Brett Hundley, who elected to stay at UCLA for another season.

SDC: Give me some dirt on Brett Hundley. He seems too good to be true.

JZ: [laughs] Oh, he’s a square. A total square. [laughs] I am kidding. Brett is my guy. We call him Done-ley. D-O-N-E. A joke we have is that if someone says something ridiculous, they’re just ‘done.’ But I love Brett. I could kick it with him all day, every day. He’s my quarterback, you know what I mean? I love the guy.

We all have a propensity for ridiculous statements at times, right? And given that the quarterback is the leader of a football team, having him described as a square and a likeable guy isn't the worst thing in the world, right?

A redshirt sophomore last season, Hundley threw for 3,071 yards, 24 touchdowns and nine interceptions in 2013. Before he declared he was staying at UCLA for his junior year, there were rumblings that Hundley would be in the same echelon of the top quarterbacks in the 2014 draft had he decided to go pro.

Now Hundley will be vying with Oregon's Marcus Mariota and others to be the top QB in the 2015 draft. And if Zumwalt's comments are true, there won't be nearly the handwringing over Hundley at this time next year than there's been about Johnny Manziel.

Zumwalt also talked about the time he got hit by a car while riding his scooter coming home from a meeting during the 2012 season. He got 150 stitches in his head -- a scar that he says bleeds easily -- after he hit the pavement. He only missed a game that season. Perhaps he can swap stories with FSU TE Nick O'Leary about scary accidents.

"I am going to turn, and the lights are green," Zumwalt said. "There’s a woman facing the opposite direction as me in the turn lane, waiting for me to clear. But there’s a woman behind here who doesn’t understand why the woman in front of her isn’t going, because I am in this little scooter and [the woman behind] probably can’t see me.

"So as I am going through the intersection, she decides — I didn’t see her — so she goes. I didn’t have enough time to [react], so she goes, whack! Hits me going about 30-40 mph. I had 150 stiches in my forehead. The cut was about an inch and a half. It went straight to my head, man; my skull was showing. Knocked me silly.

"I was just sitting on the ground with my legs out and just bleeding all over my body. I thought, ‘God, I am [messed] up.’"

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