Former Michigan players kick Ohio State while it’s down

So much for the Michigan's empathy toward Ohio State as the Buckeyes go through their NCAA investigation. While Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon might not want to throw any barbs toward the Buckeyes, former players don't seem to have that same restraint.

According to a story on, former cornerback Morgan Trent thinks Ohio State got what it deserved.

"I don't think anybody sitting at this table was surprised to hear that information," Trent told the website. "No one was surprised to hear that. I think everyone has known all along that something more was happening.

"Are they the only school in the country to do it? No. But they are starting to crack down on it, and it is too bad (they) got caught."

Ohio State has been accused of multiple NCAA violations from players selling their equipment to improprieties with a local auto dealership to coach Jim Tressel lying to NCAA investigators and trying to cover the entire matter up. These are not good times for Ohio State or its fans and Trent is seemingly basking in it.

"At Michigan, we're by the book here, we did things the right way and are doing things the right way," Trent said. "I can't say that about the school down south, and, obviously, that's coming to light what they do.

"If they are going to recruit players and get players by giving away vehicles and doing this and doing that, then more power to them, but that's not working out for them."
Of course the reason Brandon was empathizing with Ohio State in the first place was because Michigan went through NCAA turmoil a year ago, was put on three years probation and lost some practice hours. That is probably going to look like a slap on the wrist compared to what the NCAA could do to Ohio State.

However, at least one player is on the same page with Brandon, though not for the same reason. Former running back Mike Hart said there's no joy in beating Ohio State unless the Wolverines can beat Tressel.

Too bad that's only happened once in Tressel's 10 years on the Buckeyes sideline.

"I'd rather beat Ohio State with Tressel as their coach than beat them with another coach," Hart told "Just like another school in Michigan, they've been real happy they've beaten us the past couple years. But a lot of teams have beaten us the past couple years. It isn't anything to brag about.

"I'd much rather beat Ohio State with Jim Tressel as their coach than him not be there."