Former FSU safety Myron Rolle offers to mentor FSU football players

Florida State has been one of the most talked about teams in the past couple of weeks for all the wrong reasons.

Quarterback De’Andre Johnson and running back Dalvin Cook both were arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery after both men were accused of punching a female bar patron in separate incidents.

The events, which occurred in late June and came to light last week, have caused Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher and president John Thrasher to go on the defensive to prove Florida State is better than the perception.

And former Florida State safety Myron Rolle wants to help.

Rolle was the perfect scholar athlete. He finished pre-med in two years, was a Rhodes Scholar and studied at Oxford. Oh, and he was also good enough to be drafted by the Tennessee Titans.

Rolle is an aspiring neurosurgeon studying at Florida State medical school, but he’s also spent a great deal of time championing the plight of student-athletes.

And no student-athletes need his championing more than the ones at Florida State.

“We need [people] to counsel these young players, not really trying to punish or castigate or charge them as being the worst, evil, vile human beings on Earth, but rather say, ‘Look, you made a mistake,” Rolle told HuffPost Live. “You did wrong. We all know what’s wrong. Now what’re we going to do from here? What’s the solution?’”

Rolle told HuffPost Live that he’d like the opportunity to counsel some of the Florida State players and be a mentor. That request likely won’t fall on deaf ears considering Thrasher said in a statement Monday that he was looking for outside professionals to offer their assistance in working with the football program regarding off-field behavior.

“It’s a serious problem that we see not only with football players, but just young men in general, being physically abusive to women,” he said. “I traveled to Africa with President Clinton on this exact mission to prevent physical abuse against women, so it’s very sensitive to me.”

However, Rolle, like Thrasher and Fisher have said, doesn’t think it fair to apply the two incidents to the entire team.

“This is not indicative of FSU, it’s not indicative of the football team,” Rolle said. “There’s a lot of good leadership down there in Tallahassee, Fla., right now and I think guys are just making bad mistakes and have bad people around them that aren’t helping preserve their dignity or even protect them from dangerous situations like this.

“Certainly, it’s not a bad situation. Unequivocally, it’s not what we stand for and hopefully we can rebound and recover from these things.”

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