Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather wins $200,000 off Johnny Manziel’s first-half effort

Dr. Saturday

Boxer Floyd Mayweather may it very clear how much he values Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel – the Heisman winner is worth about $200,000.

That’s what “Money” Mayweather placed on Manziel to lead his Aggies to at least a 17.5-point halftime lead against SMU.

A&M led 32-6 at half en route to a 42-13 win and Mayweather doubled-up.

And then he let Manziel know about it with a trolling tweet about Manziel’s inability to get paid for his efforts.

A couple hundred grand is chump change for a guy who just made more than $41 million to fight and beat Canelo Alvarez last weekend, but a slight punch in the gut to Manziel and the other Texas A&M players who worked hard to make Mayweather his money and will probably be having pizza for dinner.

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