Florida’s win just goes to show: The SEC really is that good

Dr. Saturday

Florida State had one loss this season, and the one shocking loss at NC State didn't take away from the fact that the Seminoles are a very good team.

Or, at least very good by non-SEC standards.

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People get angry about the SEC getting too much hype, but then something like Florida's 37-26 win at Florida State happens, and it reinforces that the hype is completely justified.

The Gators' win temporarily kept alive the possibility of a second straight BCS Championship Game between two SEC teams. Alabama and Georgia won earlier Saturday to ensure that whoever wins the SEC Championship Game between those teams will also play in the BCS Championship Game.

The Gators were fourth in the BCS standings, and a demolition of Florida State won't hurt their ranking. Florida won and had to hope for a Notre Dame loss at USC to keep its national championship hopes alive [Update: Notre Dame beat USC].

Many college football fans likely cringe at the mere thought of another all-SEC battle for the national championship, but the ACC's best had a chance to knock off Florida -- the SEC's third-best team -- at home and was beaten soundly. Florida State briefly took a lead in the third quarter, but Florida scored 24 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. A Florida State touchdown in the final minutes made the final margin look closer than the game actually was. And the other team that will play in the ACC title game, Georgia Tech, was easily blown out by Georgia on Saturday, for what that's worth. Florida won't play in the SEC Championship Game but might be able to win any other conference.

Many fans not from the south may not like the SEC's dominance and the attention the conference gets after six straight BCS titles, but until other conferences show they're on the SEC's level, it's not going to stop. Florida's win was just another example of how far ahead the SEC is from everyone else.

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