Florida State reveals new football uniforms (PHOTO)

Florida State reveals new football uniforms (PHOTO)
Florida State reveals new football uniforms (PHOTO)

The defending college football champions will have a new look in 2014.

As part of the university's brand update, Florida State unveiled new football uniforms to go with a tweaked Seminole logo on Friday.

The uniforms look sharp. The biggest change overall is the FSU helmet, which features an interlocking logo at the back, similar to the Seattle Seahawks logo. But while the Seahawks helmet logo meets at the back, the FSU spears criss-cross from the base. The gold looks to be a matte gold instead of the shiny gold previously on FSU helmets.

There's now also a garnet alternate helmet. More pictures of the uniform set for football and other sports are available here.

Like the home jersey, the away uniform now features a pattern on the sleeves based off the Seminole Tribe.

The font for the numbers is different on both uniforms and there's also an alternate black jersey. We could see FSU wearing that for a night game against, say, Clemson next season.

The logo update was set to be revealed Friday as well, but it was accidentally leaked via t-shirts earlier in April. 

What do you think of the uniforms? We could do without the alternate black uniforms -- they don't seem like they'd be fun to wear in the Florida heat -- but we think the school did a good job of not completely overhauling its classic uniforms.

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