Florida State QB Jameis Winston is looking forward to seeing a real life mullet

Dr. Saturday

On Labor Day, the nation was introduced to Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, thanks to a fantastic passing performance against Pittsburgh in his first collegiate game.

But on Wednesday, Winston became even more of a gem.

During his time with the media, Winston said he was excited to play Nevada for one very special reason – defensive end Brock Hekking’s haircut.

Hekking, a junior, rocks a very sweet bleach blonde mullet that’s spiky on the top and long, flowing locks in the back. It is truly a sight to behold.

See, what did we tell you?

Hekking is more than just an 80s redneck haircut. He’s also one of the top defensive players in the Mountain West and is on the watch lists for the Hendricks and Lombardi awards. He has eight tackles and two tackles for loss this season.

So while Jameis has admired Hekking's sweet do from afar, he's probably not going to be too eager to see it up close.

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