Florida State QB Jameis Winston could pitch against the Yankees on Tuesday

Dr. Saturday

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, a national champion and reigning Heisman Trophy winner, seems to have a pretty good future in football, but on Tuesday, he has the chance to makes waves in baseball as well.

Florida State will face the New York Yankees in the Yankees' first spring training game at Steinbrenner Field.

“It will be fun to watch,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “Obviously, he's extremely athletic when you watch him play the game of football. He's got a great arm. Pretty mature for his age.”

Winston is a relief pitcher and there’s no guarantee he’ll see action in the game, but his numbers are good enough to warrant some time on the mound. So far this season, he’s pitched four scoreless innings, allowed one hit and struck three.

The Seminoles are 6-0.

Winston has said his goal is to try to pursue both football and baseball professionally.

"That is my dream," Winston said when asked about playing both sports professionally. "Whether it's me being a closer or me being a hitter. But I know I want to be an NFL quarterback. "Obviously it would be tremendous to follow in the footsteps of the Bo Jacksons and the Deion Sanders' to play both sports professionally. That's just something I have to worry about when it comes."

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