Florida State pulls its starters against Savannah State before first quarter ends

Dr. Saturday

I can't remember, in my years watching football, seeing a team pull its starters before the first quarter was done. Then again, I've obviously never seen a team that was a 70.5-point underdog before either.

Everyone knew Florida State-Savannah State would be ugly, and it got out of hand quickly. Florida State went up 35-0 in the first quarter, and Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher did the right thing.

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According to TomahawkNation.com, Fisher pulled his starters before the first quarter was done. That's unconventional, but there's no need for the Seminoles to rub it in, or to expose their starters to injury.

Taking out the first team didn't exactly stop the bleeding for Savannah State. The Seminoles scored a pair of touchdowns in the first six minutes of the second quarter.

What did help Savannah State was some bad weather that caused another rarity: There was a running clock for the second half. And as Pat Forde pointed out on Twitter, that's the only sign you need that this game never should have been scheduled.

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