Florida State laid to rest some Clemson sod in its sod cemetery (Photo)

Florida State's sod cemetery has been around for more than 50 years and the Noles just laid to rest a piece of turf from Clemson, where it demolished the Tigers 51-14.

The sod cemetery started in 1962, when a former FSU professor told the team to bring back some sod from the Seminoles' impending road game at Georgia. Florida State was an underdog and won 18-0, so the team brought back some grass.

According to the school's website "Since then, before leaving for all road games in which Florida State is the underdog, all road games at the University of Florida and all ACC championship and bowl games," team captains bury a piece of sod in the sod cemetery after the game if the team wins.

While the Seminoles were ranked lower going into the game at No. 5 to Clemson's No. 3, Florida State was not an underdog against Clemson according to Vegas. FSU was a three point favorite the entire week, and of course, easily covered that point spread. Though we understand using the rankings to determine underdog status rather than Vegas point spreads. While the point spreads may be a truer indicator than a college football poll is, they're probably a good thing to stay away from.

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