Florida State joins Texas A&M in the SEC rumor mill

For the past 24 hours -- and really the past couple weeks -- Texas A&M has been the subject of Internet rumors regarding a possible move to the SEC.

Well, this morning, Florida State is taking a turn on the rumor mill as well.

According to the Palm Beach Post, which cites a source, Florida State and the SEC have been in discussions for months and would join A&M to move the league to 14 teams.

Rumors have been spreading that the SEC is poised to expand, first to 14 teams and then to 16, and the Seminoles and Texas A&M of the Big 12 could be the first two to jump.

"This is real," said a source close to FSU.

Other schools being mentioned as possible SEC candidates: Clemson, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

At least Tom D'Angelo claims to have a source. A lot of the A&M-to-SEC rumors have been based on innuendo and Twitter fodder. One of the few places that did cite an unnamed source was AggieYell.com, but it's important to note that two months ago the same site said a deal between the SEC and A&M was unlikely without Texas.

Though, as we all know, things in college football change quickly.

The San Antonio Express-News also cited a Texas A&M source saying that Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe was all but pushing A&M out the door and saying Houston would be an easy replacement for the Aggies.

The Higher Education Committee of Texas' House of Representatives has scheduled a meeting for Tuesday, Aug. 16 to discuss, "matters pertaining to higher education, including intercollegiate athletics." Whatever that means.

But during all of this, the SEC has remained quiet.

While Texas A&M would be a good fit for the SEC and allow it to take over the Houston TV market, Florida State might face some serious resistance from Florida.

But for now, all of this continues to be speculation until something definitively happens. Perhaps the House of Representatives meeting will be the first official sign that expansion is back.

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