Florida State class uses Bobby Petrino as a talking point

The fall of Bobby Petrino at Arkansas served as a teaching moment for coaches — and husbands — across the country, and now it's serving as a teachable moment for students at Florida State.

A class titled "Issues in Sports Management" put up a flier advertising its class and on it was a picture of Petrino sporting his neck brace following the motorcycle accident that ultimately led to his downfall.

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According to the flier, a student can, "Learn the most current issues in sports management and interact with classmates on various decisions that an Athletic Administrator may need to make."

I think everyone can agree that Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long made one of the most honest and professional speeches an administrator can make while publicly firing someone and it should serve as a tenet upon which proper sports management should be based.

Though I also think teaching students not to have affairs, not to hire their mistresses and not lie about it should also be in the course curriculum.

The class is taught by Dr. Jason Pappas, who is a first-year associate athletic director at Florida State. And while yes, the trials and tribulations at Arkansas have made for some teachable moments, Florida State should be a little leery about pulling skeletons out of other team's closets.

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