Florida State AD Randy Spetman breaks up fight and escorts unruly fan out of stadium

Randy Spetman was a defensive end at Air Force, a team captain as a senior, and then spent 28 years serving his country in the U.S. Air Force before becoming an athletic director.

In other words, Spetman is the wrong AD to mess with.

Most athletic directors are happy to watch games from the press box, but Spetman is apparently the type that is willing to break up a fight in the stands and escort an unruly fan out of the stadium himself, and he showed at a Florida State baseball game on Friday.

Warchant.com has all the details and pictures of Spetman changing roles from Florida State AD to bouncer in a pinch.

Spetman sprung into action during Florida State's NCAA regional baseball game, after a small group of Savannah State fans started getting rowdy in the stands.

Here's the report from Warchant.com's D.C. Reeves:

"A handful of SSU fans made their way to the first base side to taunt members of FSU's famed and rowdy "Animals of Section B." As fans screamed back and forth and situation began to escalate, in came Spetman, who put himself between the catalyst in the SSU group and the FSU fans to prevent a scuffle. An animated Spetman began to escort the fan out of the stadium on his own. About a minute later, Spetman was assisted by FSU Police."

The entire photo album of the old Air Force pilot restoring order can be found here on Warchant.com.

So this should go as a warning: You don't mess around at Florida State athletic events when Spetman is wandering the stands. Not up in here!

Your move, Jeremy Foley.

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