Florida State academic coordinator Jerry Fisher ends up with a lot of emails meant for Jimbo

Dr. Saturday

When Jerry Fisher took a job at Florida State, he had no reason to believe his "jfisher" email address would eventually get irate (and some complimentary) emails intended for someone else.

Then the Seminoles hired Jimbo Fisher to be head coach, and life has been a little more interesting since then.

The Tallahassee Democrat wrote a funny story about Jerry Fisher, an academic coordinator in Florida State's political science department who receives plenty of emails that are meant for the head coach with the similar name.

"It happens frequently, but the ones that come in during a game, there are sometimes a lot of grammatical errors and misspellings. There's some high-end crazy stuff. It makes me think it's liquid courage (doing the talking)," Jerry Fisher told the paper.

Jerry Fisher said he'll respond to many of the emails correcting the mistake, and forward on requests from charities to the coach's address, which has one extra letter. He said he hears from a lot of junior college football coaches at recruiting time, and many of the emails he gets from fans are rants or strategy advice during games. He must see some interesting messages, and might have been a little frightened at some that were sent after NC State upset Florida State.

At least Florida State is playing well, at 7-1. We feel really bad if there's a George Chizik at Auburn or Donald Dooley at Tennessee mistakenly getting emails meant for those coaches.

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