Florida OC Brent Pease wants his quarterbacks to be more like Harry Potter, whatever that means

Dr. Saturday

If you were a little discouraged because there was no Florida Photoshop this week, have no fear, offensive coordinator Brent Pease has you covered.

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Florida wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Joker Phillips started the Photoshopping craze a few weeks ago and Pease picked it up last week by Photoshopping his head onto the body of Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

But Pease's newest Photoshop begs the question: What exactly is #TheStandard?

Does Pease want his quarterbacks to fly? Become sorcerers? Defeat He Who Will Not Be Named (Steve Spurrier)?

Didn’t really seem like starting quarterback Jeff Driskel set any sort of standard last year as he was 12th in the SEC in passing with just 13 completions per game, 11th in the conference in passing efficiency and averaged 126.6 passing yards per game.

So maybe the standard is being better than 2012 Jeff Driskel.

I guess we’ll need more Photoshops to find out.

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